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Dr. Rodney Barnajian

Dr. Rodney Barnajian

2010 Wilshire Blvd #506
Los Angeles, California 90057

Tel: 818-388-3539

Los Angeles' Dr. Rodney Barnajian Offers Innovative Solutions to Health Care Challenges

  • Dr. Rodney Barnajian has over 15 years of experience in chiropractic care
  • He specializes in relieving pain using true principles of chiropractic care
  • Our locations are equipped with the latest technology available for chiropratic care
  • We have treated many patients with conditions ranging from whiplash to herniated discs and sciatica
  • We strive to provide only the finest quality of care, out of genuine concern for our patient’s well being
  • Our offices are conveniently located in Encino and Los Angeles