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ML Landscaping & Excavation

ML Landscaping & Excavation

59 Patricia Ln
Hyde Park, New York 12538

Tel: 845-489-0118

Transform Your Outdoor Space with ML Landscaping & Excavation in Hyde Park, NY!

  • Mark Lorant has over 25 years of experience as a landscape foreman, operator and owner. He knows all the steps that go into successful landscape installations and excavation. You can be assured that with Mark managing your property, things will get done efficiently and with great attention to detail
  • Beds/Planting
  • Trees/Boulders
  • Privacy Barriers
  • Stump Removal
  • Storm Debris Removal
  • Fire Pits & Stone/Boulder Walls
  • Decorative Planters
  • Foundations (new construction, additions and repair
  • Site Prep, Grading, Lawn Installation
  • Septic Systems (installation, repair and or replacement
  • Stormwater Management (Curtain drains, foundation repair, retention ponds
  • Utility Trenches (electric, gas, water, phone/cable
  • Property Clearing
  • Ponds & Waterfalls
  • Demolition, Pool fill-ins
  • Driveways & Trails
  • Bulk Materials & Fill