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Community Chiropractic Care, PC

Community Chiropractic Care, PC

1941 Deer Pk Ave
Deer Park, New York 11729

Tel: 631-254-0155

Experience the Benefits of Holistic Healing at Community Chiropractic Care in Deer Park, NY!

  • Established in 1992 and serving the community for almost 30 years
  • Philosophy based on Palmer method from Palmer University of Chiropractic – oldest and largest chiropractic university in world
  • Body can heal itself if properly aligned, balanced and cared for
  • Purpose is to educate people about achieving better state of health through chiropractic care & lifestyle changes
  • Spine & nerve system control/regulate every system in body; many symptoms due to spinal misalignments causing pain or dysfunction
  • Variety of patients including children, teens, pregnant women, athletes etc
  • Most frequently asked questions answered after initial consultation & examination (incl. xray) - Proactive approach advised with regular spine checks; making better food choices & incorporating exercise into daily life encouraged