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Vatra Spine and Sport

Vatra Spine and Sport

4454 Austin Blvd
Island Park, New York 11558

Tel: 516-432-2100

Experience Pain Relief and Improved Mobility at Vatra Spine and Sport in Island Park, NY

  • Most patients have had pain for 6 months or longer and have seen 3 other providers before finding relief with us
  • We provide a complete and accurate diagnosis, expert soft tissue treatment, and measure everything from the history of your pain to ranges of motion in order to understand why you've ended up in our office and how we can get you back to doing the things you love pain free
  • Adhesion is the most common, under-diagnosed, and reversible cause of pain - fortunately we know how to diagnose it
  • We take time to treat tight structures with our expert hands & restore your range of motion
  • Individualized assessment followed by a plan customized specifically to your needs
  • Reinforce new function with appropriate exercises & quantifiable goals so symptoms stay away
  • Aiming for an independent, pain free life