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Olivari James R DDS

Olivari James R DDS

163 Valley Blvd
Wood-Ridge, New Jersey 07075

Tel: 201-939-8181

Experience Exceptional Dental Care with Olivari James R DDS in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey!

  • Dr. Olivari is from Carlstadt, NJ and graduated from Becton Regional High School in 1977
  • He attended Farleigh Dickinson University from 1977-1981 where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, Magna Cum Laude
  • Received DMD degree at Farleigh Dickinson School of Medicine in 1985
  • Returned as an instructor of clinical and laboratory prosthetics at FDU, from 1987 –1991
  • From 1992-2002, was an instructor of clinical prosthetic dentistry at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine
  • Has two daughters and coached soccer, basketball, and was a Girl Scout leader for 3 years; coached more than 15 sports teams in the past 10 years
  • Avid cyclist - worked his way through college/dental school by being employed by USA Cycling Team; custom built bicycles for various racing teams in the early 80's including 1984 Women’s USA Road Team, Trinidad & New Zealand Men’s Olympic Team
  • Been a practicing dentist for 27 years