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Cromwell Chiropractic Center, LLC

Cromwell Chiropractic Center, LLC

28 Shunpike Rd
Cromwell, Connecticut 06416

Tel: 860-635-4455

Experience Pain Relief and Optimal Wellness at Cromwell Chiropractic Center, LLC!

  • Cromwell Chiropractic Center, LLC in Cromwell, Connecticut
  • Originally from East Northport, New York and the youngest of three boys
  • Grandfather was a firefighter in NYC and father was a police officer in NYC
  • Discovered chiropractic care as natural way to help people change their lives
  • Graduated from Life University with extensive training in neurological conditions
  • Moved to Connecticut to replace doctor who was relocating and has been there since 1997
  • Has helped thousands of people regain health naturally through chiropractic care