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Dr. Dustin Kniffin

Dr. Dustin Kniffin

388 Lakewood Rd
Madison, Maine 04950

Tel: 207-619-4450

Dr. Dustin Kniffin Brings Expert Care to Madison, Maine!

  • Offer an opportunity to the surrounding community for them to get their spines checked for vertebral subluxations
  • Serve the community so that sickness and disease can be prevented from the harmful long term effects of a subluxation
  • Allow kids to start life expressing 100% of life’s potential they are born with, so that they may grow, learn, and enjoy life
  • Prevent health challenges in the future who eventually grow up to become healthy grandparents who can see their grandchildren grow up without inhibiting or debilitating health challenges
  • Share knowledge and let them know the benefits within their community and world wide
  • Work hard to accomplish big and small goals efficiently as possible in order to help as many people as possible
  • Value those members of the community who make a commitment to their own health and families' health